Contract Manufacturing

Canned Tuna

Species Yellowfin, Skipjack
Packing Style Solid, Chunks, Flakes
Packing Media Brine, Oil
Net weight 170g, 185g, 190g, 200g
Label Normal, UV Coated
Can Lid Normal, Ring-pull (Easy Open End)

Currently IFC manufactured canned tuna products in different ingredients e.g. brine and oil and packed as solid, chunks and flakes. The products are mostly exported to European countries like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium & France.

Frozen Pre – Cooked Loin

Species Yellowfin, Skipjack
Packing Style 6-7kg per bag

The frozen cooked loins are normally packed into vacuum bags and are chill blast. These are sold to other canneries to be further reprocessed into finish products either as canned or pouch. The product is mostly exported to Spain.


Type Tuna, Mackerel
Content 52%-60% crude protein
9%-12% moisture content

Fishmeal are normally processed and are used as animal feed i.e. pet food or stock feed. These are normally used at piggeries, poultry farms and others. Our fishmeal is sold locally and exported to Australia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.